• Organizer Box

    Versatile material organization solution
    different sizes for different spaces
    according to your need.

  • Storage Racks

    Solution for horizontal and vertical organization
    providing better visibility and use
    of the environments facilitating the access and visualization of the items.

  • Exhibitor Basket

    Solution for display and organization of products in stores

  • Caixa Plástica Box com Acesso Frontal

    Solução para organização de produtos em geral.
    Maior resistência e estabilidade no empilhamento.

  • Caixa Plástica Fechada

    Solução para acondicionamento e transporte de produtos.
    Maior resistência para o empilhamento e logística.

  • Cash Drawn

    Used for fruit packing

  • Caixa Leve Exportação L16

    Utilizada para acondicionamento e transporte de Frutas

  • Modular Floor

    Solution for wet areas (locker rooms, showers, saunas, swimming pool decks), restaurants for the flow of crockery and utensils, vertical and horizontal refrigerators, under flower pots, gas bottles, beds and small houses for pets as well as in compartments of car bodies, warehouses, shelves, among others.

  • Clothespin

    Longer durability and more compact
    Personalization with your distributor's label on the packaging

  • Plastic Injection Service

    Injection service from 140 to 650 ton to meet the needs of customers operating in various market segments.

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